Digital Marketing

Duration: 1 year

PART 1: Theory/Foundation!

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing!
  • Traditional Marketing!
  • New Digital Marketing Era!
  • Key Terms and Definitions!
  • Core Concepts!
  1. Digital Products !
  • Traditional Marketing!
  • New Digital Marketing Era!
  • Key Terms and Definitions!
  • Core Concepts!
  1. Digital Marketing Channels!
  • Social Media Marketing!
  • SEO!
  • Email Marketing!
  • Content Marketing!
  • Pay Per Click Ads!
  • Display Ads!
  • Mobile Advertising!
  1. Inbound Marketing !
  • Definition and Concept!
  • Inbound Funnel Methodology!
  • Tools for an effective IM Strategy!
  1. Outbound Marketing!
  • Definition and Concept!
  • Outbound Funnel Methodology!
  • GDPR concerns!
  • Tools for an effective OM Strategy

PART 2: Practice/Applications!

  1. Creating a Digital Product !
  • Reports!
  • E-books!
  • Videos!
  • Audios!
  1. Marketing your Digital Product (4 Quadrants)!
  • Online Free!
  • Online Paid!
  • Offline Free!
  • Offline Paid!
  1. Selling your Digital Product!
  • Choosing the right type of platform!
  • Converting Elements!
  • Accepting Payments!
  1. Live Demonstration of a Low Cost Online Business Model!
  • Select a Niche!
  • Create a Product!
  • Develop a hosting page!
  • Promote through a Social Media campaign!
  1. Tracking KPIs and Measuring Success !
  • Click through Rates!
  • Conversion Rate!
  • Customer Acquisition Costs!
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer


  • Aware of the process of buying online media and the options available
  • Know how to use social media as part of his/her strategy, and take advantage of hints and tips around the various platforms
  • Understand the scope of digital marketing and how it integrates within business and marketing
  • Assess various digital channels and understand which are most suitable towaTHrds an idea or solution
  • Recognize the fundamentals of a digital marketing campaign, and be able to apply them in order to achieve a marketing objective for his/her organization
  • Be familiar with the principles of putting together a good digital strategy
  • Work out how to best manage the process of building a website
  • Comprehend how search works, and how to use paid and organic search in conjunction
  • Best practice email marketing and know how to manage deliverability and reputation
  • Acquainted with the latest facts and figures around mobile use and how it’s changing the online landscape
  • Knowledgeable about new and emerging technologies which are likely to impact marketing in the future