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Rita Eracleous

Rita Eracleous is the Instructor of Foundation in Travel and Tourism course at Aviation Travel Training Center, awarded with “MSc in International Tourism Management” from Sheffield Hallam University in UK, and a BA in Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University. Her work experience regarding the Aviation and Tourism field initiated in 2005 and continues until today, as a Lecturer of Travel and Tourism Department at the College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Nicosia Cyprus. In 2008 she was employed by CASA College, in Nicosia Cyprus as a part-time Lecturer. Some of her courses were, Air Fares and Ticketing, Air Fares and Ticketing Practice, GDS – SABRE, Office Procedures, Introduction to Tourism, Travel geography, General Travel Knowledge, Tourism Planning and Development, Tourism Law, Tours and their planning, Supervision in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Marketing Travel and Tours, Tourism Sociology, Business Ethics, IATA foundation courses, IATA consultant courses, International Tourism Management, International Hospitality Management and Hospitality Supervision. She operated as a Customer Implementation Analyst of the Nordic Countries at NCR Cyprus for the period of 2006 – 2007 being responsible for the order acceptance and revenue recognition of the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) and overall responsible and accountable for order fulfilment activities required, ensuring successful completion of executable orders received including invoicing and revenue recognition. Formerly, she operated actively at the Ticketing Department of CSA (Czech Airlines) Louis Aviation Ltd, being able to enhance her excellent communication and customer services skills, while issuing Air Fares, PTA’s, MCO’s and other relater travel certifications. As a Cabin Crew Member of Eurocypria Airlines in Larnaca Cyprus, Mrs Eracleous was trained to be flawless in team work and solve any problem swiftly. Holder of various Diplomas in Travel & Tourism Administration, such as (IATA/UFTAA Standard and Consultant Course Diploma, Fares and Ticketing IATA Standard and Consultant, General Travel Knowledge IATA Standard and Consultant, Introduction to Hotel Operations, Incoming Tourism and Customer Service, Business Data Processing, Travel and Tourism Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism Marketing, etc.) Mrs Eracleous has also, excellent communication skills in English and Swedish.

Chrysiis Constantinou

Chrysiis Constantinou is the Instructor of Customer Service and Front Desk Agent course, at Aviation Travel Training Center. In 1983 she joined Cyprus Airways, and worked in the sectors of booking, ticketing and customer service at the airport. In 1987 she was promoted to Director of Public Relations and Marketing, and in 1990 took over the management of the sales department of Cyprus Airways in Athens Greece.In 1995 she recruited a new promotion as the Director of Cyprus Airways in Israel and Middle East. Seven years later, Mrs Constantinou undertook the direction of a Tourist Agency which led her obtain the qualification of IATA accredited travel agent in Cyprus, creating great successes and profitable partnerships with tour operator and airlines abroad.Moreover, she served as the chairman of the research group of European Parliament Transport Committee in Luxembourg.With her recognized and productive employment background, and her long experience in tourism and airline industry, she trained hundreds of employees in the fields of aviation, airlines and travel agencies, in full success. Mrs Constantinou has an extensive multidisciplinary educational level. Consisted by the IATA diploma in Advance Foundation in Travel and Tourism, Diploma in Journalism & Public Relations obtained by KES COLLEGE in Nicosia Cyprus, a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Panteion University in Athens Greece, a Master’s in Media from Norwich University and a Master in Political Philosophy from the University of Essex. She has also attended seminars on the subject of Services, Successful techniques to implement a task, Education rules to acquiring professional education certificate and more. Last, she is the author of historical and political books and books regarding building careers in tourism professions.

Paolo Patitucci

Paolo Patitucci is the Cabin Crew Instructor at Aviation Travel Training Center. As an effective trainer and motivator of students to their fullest potential, his professional background proves his exceptional skills. Holding various posts, operated actively in the Hotel Industry in Italy, Switzerland and Germany between the years 1973-1976, and from 1977 up today, he continued to evolve upward in the aviation field. Worked as a Senior Cabin Crew Member at Cyprus Airways, and then as a Ground Operations Officer of Austrian Airlines at Larnaca International Airport. Subsequently during 1985 and 2011 he took over the Instructor position for the sectors of Inflight Services, Quality, CRM, and SEP. From 2011 until now, he holds also the position of the Quality Manager at Aviator Flight Center in Larnaca International Airport. His passion for the Aviation Industry, led him gain more than 15 accredited certifications from various countries of the world, such as

  • FAA Commercial Pilot’s License,
  • CPL/ IR – USA,
  • Ground Instrument Instructor’s License – USA,
  • Inflight Services Trainer’s Certificate – CY,
  • Flight Instructor’s License CY/QFI – CY,
  • CAA Commercial Pilot’s License CPL/IR – UK,
  • IRCA QMS Course, Auditor’s Certificate – CY,
  • Air Safety Management Certificate – UK,
  • MSC Air Transport Management Degree – UK,
  • Aviation Security Training Certificate – CY,
  • CRM Instructor’s Certificate – CY,
  • SEP Instructor’s Certificate – CY,
  • Trainer Assessor Officer’s Certificate – CY,
  • Occupational Health & Safety Certificate – CY,
  • EFAW First Aid Instructor Certificate – CY,
  • Lead Auditor OHSAS 18001:2007/ΕΛΟΤ 1801:2008
  • TUV Austria Diploma – CY.

Mr Patitucci is proficient in 5 languages, Greek, English, Italian, French and German.

Dr. Angelos Vouldis

6/2008 – 7/2013: Doctorate in Business Performance Management

Middlesex University – London, United Kingdom, Business & Professional Studies

Thesis: “Development and Implementation Issues for Managing Sales Performance”

1/1997 – 9/1998: Msc in Business Management and Operations Research

University of Patras, Polytechnic School, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

Dissertation: “Statistical Analysis of the Labour Accidents”

1/1993 – 1/1997: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

University of Patras, Polytechnic School, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

Specialisation: Business and Operation Management


Get a job in cyprus