Paolo Patitucci

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Paolo Patitucci

Paolo Patitucci is the Cabin Crew Instructor at Aviation Travel Training Center. As an effective trainer and motivator of students to their fullest potential, his professional background proves his exceptional skills. Holding various posts, operated actively in the Hotel Industry in Italy, Switzerland and Germany between the years 1973-1976, and from 1977 up today, he continued to evolve upward in the aviation field. Worked as a Senior Cabin Crew Member at Cyprus Airways, and then as a Ground Operations Officer of Austrian Airlines at Larnaca International Airport. Subsequently during 1985 and 2011 he took over the Instructor position for the sectors of Inflight Services, Quality, CRM, and SEP. From 2011 until now, he holds also the position of the Quality Manager at Aviator Flight Center in Larnaca International Airport. His passion for the Aviation Industry, led him gain more than 15 accredited certifications from various countries of the world, such as

  • FAA Commercial Pilot’s License,
  • CPL/ IR – USA,
  • Ground Instrument Instructor’s License – USA,
  • Inflight Services Trainer’s Certificate – CY,
  • Flight Instructor’s License CY/QFI – CY,
  • CAA Commercial Pilot’s License CPL/IR – UK,
  • IRCA QMS Course, Auditor’s Certificate – CY,
  • Air Safety Management Certificate – UK,
  • MSC Air Transport Management Degree – UK,
  • Aviation Security Training Certificate – CY,
  • CRM Instructor’s Certificate – CY,
  • SEP Instructor’s Certificate – CY,
  • Trainer Assessor Officer’s Certificate – CY,
  • Occupational Health & Safety Certificate – CY,
  • EFAW First Aid Instructor Certificate – CY,
  • Lead Auditor OHSAS 18001:2007/ΕΛΟΤ 1801:2008
  • TUV Austria Diploma – CY.

Mr Patitucci is proficient in 5 languages, Greek, English, Italian, French and German.