Why in ATTC

Right ATTC offers the opportunity for students to obtain internationally recognized diplomas for immediate job placement, quickly & cost effectively. Our graduates open in front of them the doors of employment around the world since the certificates they will obtain acquire automatically, placed at the top of the list of successful candidates in all countries.

Our students may be young people who dream to have a career in the aviation, tourism and navigation industry and international transport, but also the already professionals who wish to obtain an internationally recognized diploma ensuring the advancement and improvement of their position.

Our students have the ability to attend educational seminars organized by our training center with the elite instructors in order to specialize and gain pioneer advantages.

Success in examinations and obtaining the internationally recognized diplomas is not our ultimate destination. Our destination is the professional restoration which will be approached by making additional steps, training for the interview, and more,  such as training and certification of personality development by courses we offer.

Why at Right ATTC? Because with us you will reach your dreams…

Quickly (only 3-6months)

Paying Less Fees

Obtaining Internationally recognized diplomas

You will have the most experience team next to you during all your carrier.